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QNet Condemns The Police For Arresting The Director Of Vihaan.

Hong Kong is the base for the direct selling company, QNet. Even though QNet is based on Hong Kong, there are other franchisees and sub-franchisees in other parts of the world. Recently, they have responded to an unjust arrest of the Director of Vihaan for the sub-franchisees in India. This arrest was against the directives availed by the supreme court.

On the 25th of January 2019, the Supreme Court passed an interim order favoring the Director of Vihaan. The supreme court on that day found the petitioner (Vihaan) not deem fitting a coercive action against them. The respondents to the FIRs case or lawsuit facing Vihaan received the interim from the supreme court. Amongst the respondents were the state of Telangana. The Supreme Court demanded that the state should refrain from taking any coercive actions against Vihaan as far as their FIRs filed case was concerned.

The police department of Cyberabad weren’t attentive to the supreme court’s interim or verdict and they went ahead and arrested the director of Vihaan and other two persons. The arrests took place a day after the interim was issued by the supreme court. Dilip Raj Pukkela is the director of Vihaan. Dilip were arrested together with Chandan Kumar Chowdary and Atul Kumar. The police claimed that the directorship and these two individuals were arrested due to running or rather having dealings in a pozi scheme business in their marketing business.

In the media, there are a video circulating that was made by Dilip and the video has Dilip claiming that he knows nothing when it comes to the operations of QNet. Dilip says that he is not involved in any financial decisions of QNet. The video also claimed that Dilip is always left out when it comes to making financial decisions for QNet. However, QNet claims that Dilip was allegedly forced into recording the video. In other words, QNet said that they have affirmed that the police brutality coerced Dilip, the director of Vihaan to record the video.

The supreme court was very categorical on 25TH and it made sure that all the respondents were served by the interim but they went ahead and arrested the Director the following day and this is termed unlawful by QNet. Independent distributors tend to earn commissions in the field. However, the FIRs that the Supreme Court availed an interim for claimed that QNet is a money circulation scheme and QNet terms these allegations to be baseless. Therefore, QNet is progressively condemning the arrest of the Director of Vihaan.

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